shark bait.

a little purple hummingbird flying around, but with a hammerhead shark head, flying around a hummingbird feeder.



the ramones at the beach.


a winking owl.

a winking owl with money on top of a rainbow.


in the dark forest.

death metal kegstand.


taking requests!

any requests for custom drawings can be posted here in the comments section. i've been requesting $2 donations to my paypal at cat.cat.cats@gmail.com. it would be nice and helpful. so come on, let me know what you want!!!

belle of the bark.

a greyhound dressed up as a southern belle.


now on a world tour.

a weight-lifting snowman.


horse stack.

a horse being ridden by a pony, who is also being ridden by a miniature pony.


corn dog joust.

two knights jousting with giant corndogs .


robot vacation.

robocop at disneyland please.


sad sea-life.

a sad octopus and some weird things on his tentacles.

napoléon bonabarke.

please do a welsh corgi dressed up in an old napoleonic army uniform.


you want WHAT?

so for about a year i've been drawing weird mspaint pictures {well, i started using mspaint but then upgraded to photoshop} for people who would ask for weird stuff. i'll use this blog to archive these works of "art". the images will be posted along with the sentence that the person gave me to illustrate. if you want to know what else i'm into, my for real-for real blog is here.